Sunday, June 21, 2009

1 picture = thousand words?

What can you tell from this picture?

1. Chicky's face has become chubbier.
2. The fringe is too long and I need to have it cut soon.
3. DIY painted nail tips turn out super un-chio because I have no skill.
4. Panda eyes because I've been sleeping at odd hours..
5. I took this photo at 2+am. -.-'.
6. I'm not at my house because the wall at my back is Yellow..
7. I am using a product call Deep Sleep.

What you do not know...
1. Is having toothache again.
2. Need to get my brows fixed!
3. Love my toned calf and wishes most parts of my body to be as toned as my calf.
4. Completed all 11 Episodes + 1 special Episode of Absolute Boyfriend.
5. Thinking of how to make full use of my last 2 days before I get busy with work...

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