Monday, May 25, 2009

Shopping + Chicky's First Botak Jones Experience!

So many things to blog yet so little time.

Finally manage to collect some of my stuffs which I ordered for like 6 weeks.
The girl still owes me 1 guigui ring and I'm waiting for her to send it out by registered mail..
Should have ordered through my friend, but I ordered from the girl before she approach me. :(

The white star earring cost me $9 which I later got it through my friend at half the price for each. OUCH!

And I finally had my first Botak Jones experience on Saturday after a jog/walk with hubby from Henderson walk to Hort park to Depot road.
*My legs are still aching!*

We checked out the time they close, go home, changed and took a cab down.
Moo moo~ here I come!!

Service staffs are really nice, they always ask how's your day (they asked every table).
and they give you your cutlery and sauces with a smile. :)

I got quite upset when I know that they are relocating their Boon Lay place branch to Tampines. :(

After a short wait...
(The queue was really long!)


Tadah~ My moomoo is here. :)

Hubby's. :)

Moomoo is good.
Service staffs are nice.
I quite like the fries.
Price is a little high for coffeeshop settings.
And best, no service charge! :p

oh and the fruit juice from another stall is not nice though. -.-


Young Werther said...

aiyah! I thought you went for the botak look... was so excited :)

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

you're too imaginative..
But with the weather like this, I wouldn't be suprise.. :p

wenniee said...

miss their food!~~

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Nice hor? I now then get to try it. Slow hor? :p

js said...

aston's also not bad.. can go try is u havent.. btw, i din receive the smile when i went for botak jones at tpy..

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Astons is good. Went to the one at Cathay.. But the queue is something I can't stand. :(

oh. I went to the one at Deport Road there...