Saturday, May 30, 2009

Revision + Shopping + Big Belated Birthday Presents!

27 May 2009. Wednesday.
Chicky's Happy Day.

Went to National Library to revise for fnb paper with Chermin and Reena.
The security there is tight one loh.. Went to the washroom for a few mins, come back and see this free door hanger on one of our tables. -.-''



Revised for half a day and I got tired and decide to go walk walk (aka shopping) a bit before meeting ShaXiaoMei and Sharon for lunch. Yes the same Sharon who is the taobao spree handler cum agent.

Those in Singapore should know the once a year Great Singapore Sale is back again!
Don't know if I suay or what, everytime during GSS, I'm always BROKE. -.-''

So I was walking around at Bugis Junction and I decide to walk into Watsons to see if there's anything that I want to buy that's on sale..


After much consideration and asking the beauty advisor a couple of questions, I decide to buy this Canmake nail glitter thingy. Been eyeing it for a few months le loh.. and I couldn't decide to get the pink glitter or the silver glitter, so I asked her which is easier to match loh. Hubby is so going to flip when he sees my glittery nails next week.

I'll apply it after my exams then I try to take photos k? ;)

After that, I happily took MRT to Tiong Bahru to wait for ShaXiaoMei..
I know! First time I wait for other people right? :p

And I finally manage to buy KO One DVD!
It was OOS in all the stores I went to for the past many months loh. -.-'
I'm so happy to see it that I immediately bought it.. :p

Belated Birthday Presents!

I got 2 presents.
The big one from ShaXiaoMei and the small chicky cup from Sharon. :)
Maybe you can't really tell what's the big one since it's being wrapped so tight..

It's Mumu!
I know it looks quite small on my bed but it's actually slight smaller than half of me.
I'm 145cm, mumu is 70cm loh!

Me and Mumu. :)


Anonymous said...

whoa that's one huge MuMu

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

yeah.. and I think there's another one bigger.. like 1m or something.. :)

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