Monday, May 25, 2009


SOYJOY is giving away FREE SOYJOY BARS!!

Honeymeow is in the SOYJOY GI Challenge 09.
The first challenge is for all 5 bloggers to recruit AS MANY offices / schools / organisations / businesses AS POSSIBLE to receive FREE SOYJOY bars!

They will each be competing to find AS MANY workplaces to list up with them so please send her your emails to join her!
Forward it to working friends, family, partners and clients! :)

To show her your support and get free Soyjoy bars, email her with the above details for SOYJOY to arrange to send Free SOYJOY Bar Samples to your work place! Yes, there are reasonable limits to how many can be sent to your office and no, it cannot be sent to your home. The lovely SOYJOY peeps will go to your workplace and distribute the bars individually to you and your colleagues to try!

So if you're working in an MNC, I believe the distribution would be limited to those in your department. If you're working in an SME and don't have excessive staff counts, update her with your company headcount for her to chart in.

So don't hesitate to email her at TODAY!
This challenge will run from the 25th of May 09 to 30th of May 09 ONLY!


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Aka Pamela S. said...

Thank you Christina! :)