Friday, March 27, 2009

傻姐妹 (translated: silly sisters)

I intro-ed a photo editing program to my Sha Xiao Mei and she finally went to download it and play with it..

This is what she sent me..


Collage of 2019 of our photos..
Notice some photos are like really old lah. hahas.

Then out of fun, I decide to do one collage for us..
I decide to add in more photos and tadah~

42 photos!!! :p

All these are just some of our camwhore pics! hahas.
Some are quite recent ones and some are so old they should be buried away. :p

Lookie, mushroom hair!!! lolx.
oh and one of my favourite is our airbrush tattoo we did in Thailand.. I want to get other one!

Alright, go ahead and laugh at how ridicules I look.
I DON'T CARE. Bleahx.