Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Singapore Entertainment Awards 2009

I must be the luckiest chicky on earth lah.
I didn't join any contest but my sister did and she won 4 $88 tickets. And she invited me! muahahaha!

I took like tons of photos even though my camera low batt ah.
Selected a few to collage and post here.
*click photo to see the full size. :)

When we first saw the mini short queue.

This is after a super early dinner. MADNESS!
But we were damn lucky and got in under 5mins? lol.

Oh yes, we saw lucky rainbow. :)

Overhead this girl behind asking her friend why they build a basketball court.
Sha Xiao Mei and I look at each other and try not to LOL. :p

Singapore Flyer in the pretty blur sky.. :)

Somehow just before the red carpet event, we got lucky again and had the chance to move a lot closer to the stage! :)

Okie, bad shot by yours truly.
As usual, just blame my shaky hands. :p