Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sha Sisters Klunch-ing on 21 Mar 09

I had the sudden urge/mood to sing.
So on Saturday I went out with ShaXiaoMei to Kbox at cine for Klunch. Wee~

The aircon is freaking cold..
The service is lousy. Forgot out orders and also gave us wrong orders twice! -.-''

My salmon sashimi meal was like really bad.
The only item that I like was the Lychee jelly thingy.

Sha Xia Mei's leftover. I think hers is a lot nicer then mine bah.

Random camwhore shot. I know I look damn retarded as always. -.-''

This shot was supposed to capture Sha Xiao Mei singing, but she spotted my camera and posed.
Mission failed. bah.

We were given the choice of purchasing a drink and we'll get 1 drink plus an additional hour free.
But it was so bloody cold that we decide it's not worth it.

My Jiro hubby so cute hor? :p

I wanna watch this Japanese movie!
Got that L guy. :p

Ber suddenly grow taller than me by a lot!!!

oh. it's just the shoes. :p

Taking MRT to NP.

I'm so lousy at taking photos. bah.

I'm wearing flats! Must get used to wearing heels soon..

oh yah. end up I didn't go to NP, I went to meet hubby at Jurong Point.
And saw Shaun Chen? there. quite cute. :p
Erm.. yah. that's it.

It's only been a few hours and I miss my Sha Xia Mei already.. :(