Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Seoul Garden-ing at Taka (01 March 09)

There's like 33 photos but I'm only posting like 15 here to save space.. :p

Yes it's my first time go Seoul Garden.. lol. +++ all together about SGD27.50 each person leh.
Next time want to go must go during weekday.. got student promo. :p

Me waiting for the rest of the food to appear.

Tadah~ More food. :)

Flash makes the food looks nicer. :)

Kimchi. :)

Sha sisters in the toilet. lol.

My eyes are smaller than sha xiao mei's eyes! :(

Us again. :)

With Js.

I don't know what pose is that. -.-''

Me in the middle. :)

3 of us again~

My favourite photo.
Guess who decide to put the camera on the floor? hahas.

Us before going home~~ :)

20 out of 33 Collage-ed. :)


Make Money Online said...

nice camera there. btw, why the plates looks like from a camping trip.

Josephine said...

I ended up paying more than SGD$30.00 when I had their buffet.
I like their coffee chicken...
Very special...
But the soup for their steamboat is not nice at all lor...

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

MakeMoneyOnline: yah loh.. I also duno why their plates look so.. weird. hahas.

Josephine: I had Safra card, got 10% discount. :) Their soup so-so only, not really that wide varity of food actually..

Anonymous said...

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