Sunday, March 01, 2009

Look out of the window...

Sometimes, when you're feeling down..
Look around you and you might find something that cheers you up.

The other day my maid spotted something really really beautiful outside the window.
I ran to my brother's room, look out of the window..
And I saw a very beautiful rainbow.
Okie, it's technically part of a really beautiful rainbow since it's not the full rainbow. :p

The colours were very very nice, this photo doesn't really does it justices..

This one's a little bit better and can you see the little bird flying? So cute lar.. :p

See natural beautiful stuffs makes me feel happier & more relax too. :)

By the way if you let someone depressive stand near window please make sure it's well lock hor.. Just a reminder lah. Don't want later the person see the floor like very nice to swim in, then decide to leap ah...