Wednesday, March 18, 2009

17th March 2009 (Sha Sisters Meetup) + Exam results

I know I've tons of backdated stuffs I've yet to blog about.
I'll just post the latest one first k..
Really love those readers who keep coming back. *muackz*
Reward you all with more photos! hee.

17th March 2009 is Tuesday.
Somehow that day no class, so I Met ShaXiaoMei at her intern place for dinner.
Super lucky to drop at the correct bus stop cause all the buildings so tall how I know which is which. -.-''

Posted something for a friend while thinking what to eat for dinner and after posting those stuffs we took super long to decide what & where to eat..

I thought of going Cityhall then we walk to MRT station, while walking we thought Tiong Bahru also not too bad so we decide to go to the platform to think. After looking at the MRT map, we decide to go PS, cause it's easier for both of us to go home. lol.

I know, I'm so fickle minded. :p

At PS we decide to eat at Swensens.
Both of us had salmon. $18.25 each (including GST + Service charge)
Price wise, it's not very cheap lah.
Food quality not too bad. Portion quite small, either that or my tummy expanded. -.-''
Waiting time for the food was a little long and at the first table they gave us, the seats upholstery had cracks and it "scratch" my fat tights. Bah. We asked for change since there wasn't that many diners yet. No photos of the food though, cause we were like way too hungry. Hee.

Wanted to have ice-cream but decided to go B2 instead cause there's no GST & service charge. :p

Tadah~ our Mango ice-cream without milk. $5.50.

Overall, I like it the only think I don't really like is the ball of ice-cream on top though.
Cause it's kinda sour.. oh yah I actually felt cold, but I still enjoyed the ice-cream! hee. brrr...

After ice-cream eating we went to play games at Zone-X.
Played shooting games as usual.
I'm very lucky lah, manage to finish the game with 3 credits. :p
First time I finish the game using lesser credits than Ber. hahas.

We aim to finish this game with lesser and lesser credits, maybe one day we become pro enough to finish the whole game with 1 credit each.
Hopefully before the machine got taken away because it's too old.. :p

After gaming we do our obligatory camewhor-ing outside Zone-X.

Here are some of the photos put in a collage. :)

This is one of my favourite photo of the night.
The floor is our camera holder while I set it on self-timer, in case you think I'm bullying some cute fluffy hamster or something.

I personally quite like these few.
And I actually look like I have slight dimples in some of these photos cause my cheeks are too chubby that's why there's this "dent" thing.

So it was like 9+ or something, and we go home loh.
and when I reach home, I had a scary surprise!
A letter from the school!
Got very affected by it cause we were supposed to get it end of the month or early next month.. I got scared because I thought getting my results early meant that I might need to take the supplementary paper or even worse, re-module..

Boy am I relieved when I saw my results.
I expected passes maybe some Cs for the effort I put in + all the drama happening at home during my exams.

Now I have to buck up, hopefully can get grades as good or even better than these for this term. :) Jia you!


Anonymous said...

very good results. unlike me. many sleepless nights yet i barely scrapped through. pray for me leh.i seriously cannot design, draw, anything that gotta do with art.
press on eh. probably head for a degree then!


Young Werther said...

Congrats on the result!

The ice cream looks like ice kachang with a lump of sorbet :)

ea said...

Wah As & Bs leh
v good results!
cont'd to work hard!

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Kiamchai, I no money to do degree leh. :(

Young Werther, Thanks. :) yeah. such a simple dish but I really enjoied it. :)

ea, Thanks I will. :)

Mon Cherie said...

good job, those are some great results :)

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Mon Cherie, Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

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