Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Free potato chips + another reward received!

Received quite a number of mails recently.
Alright maybe some items not very recently but I forgot to blog lah okay..

Early March I received this in my letterbox.
This is somewhat a sample pack.
Yes, some survey company sent me free potato chips to try! hek hek hek..
Aren't I lucky? :p

It's not a huge bag but it's really delicious, not to mention, quite addictive!
Looking at this photo makes me want to have some of it now. :(


This one is random.

I paid SGD5.00 for this pack of samples not knowing what is inside. And I regret getting it..

Simply because I've already tried most of these samples!
Bah. I expected better and nicer samples loh!


Yes! I got another reward!

This is one package I didn't expect because I haven been logging into fr3b for very very long!!
Thanks fr3b and sponsor Beauty Credit! :)

My reward for being the top 18 referrals in the month of Feb 2009!

Alright, time to sleep got to wake up at 7am for a 8.30am class later!
Night night! :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

傻姐妹 (translated: silly sisters)

I intro-ed a photo editing program to my Sha Xiao Mei and she finally went to download it and play with it..

This is what she sent me..


Collage of 2019 of our photos..
Notice some photos are like really old lah. hahas.

Then out of fun, I decide to do one collage for us..
I decide to add in more photos and tadah~

42 photos!!! :p

All these are just some of our camwhore pics! hahas.
Some are quite recent ones and some are so old they should be buried away. :p

Lookie, mushroom hair!!! lolx.
oh and one of my favourite is our airbrush tattoo we did in Thailand.. I want to get other one!

Alright, go ahead and laugh at how ridicules I look.
I DON'T CARE. Bleahx.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Totally random.

Took this slideshow from an old blog post.

I miss my long hair.
My hair is punishing me by growing painfully slow now. *sobs*

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sha Sisters Klunch-ing on 21 Mar 09

I had the sudden urge/mood to sing.
So on Saturday I went out with ShaXiaoMei to Kbox at cine for Klunch. Wee~

The aircon is freaking cold..
The service is lousy. Forgot out orders and also gave us wrong orders twice! -.-''

My salmon sashimi meal was like really bad.
The only item that I like was the Lychee jelly thingy.

Sha Xia Mei's leftover. I think hers is a lot nicer then mine bah.

Random camwhore shot. I know I look damn retarded as always. -.-''

This shot was supposed to capture Sha Xiao Mei singing, but she spotted my camera and posed.
Mission failed. bah.

We were given the choice of purchasing a drink and we'll get 1 drink plus an additional hour free.
But it was so bloody cold that we decide it's not worth it.

My Jiro hubby so cute hor? :p

I wanna watch this Japanese movie!
Got that L guy. :p

Ber suddenly grow taller than me by a lot!!!

oh. it's just the shoes. :p

Taking MRT to NP.

I'm so lousy at taking photos. bah.

I'm wearing flats! Must get used to wearing heels soon..

oh yah. end up I didn't go to NP, I went to meet hubby at Jurong Point.
And saw Shaun Chen? there. quite cute. :p
Erm.. yah. that's it.

It's only been a few hours and I miss my Sha Xia Mei already.. :(

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

17th March 2009 (Sha Sisters Meetup) + Exam results

I know I've tons of backdated stuffs I've yet to blog about.
I'll just post the latest one first k..
Really love those readers who keep coming back. *muackz*
Reward you all with more photos! hee.

17th March 2009 is Tuesday.
Somehow that day no class, so I Met ShaXiaoMei at her intern place for dinner.
Super lucky to drop at the correct bus stop cause all the buildings so tall how I know which is which. -.-''

Posted something for a friend while thinking what to eat for dinner and after posting those stuffs we took super long to decide what & where to eat..

I thought of going Cityhall then we walk to MRT station, while walking we thought Tiong Bahru also not too bad so we decide to go to the platform to think. After looking at the MRT map, we decide to go PS, cause it's easier for both of us to go home. lol.

I know, I'm so fickle minded. :p

At PS we decide to eat at Swensens.
Both of us had salmon. $18.25 each (including GST + Service charge)
Price wise, it's not very cheap lah.
Food quality not too bad. Portion quite small, either that or my tummy expanded. -.-''
Waiting time for the food was a little long and at the first table they gave us, the seats upholstery had cracks and it "scratch" my fat tights. Bah. We asked for change since there wasn't that many diners yet. No photos of the food though, cause we were like way too hungry. Hee.

Wanted to have ice-cream but decided to go B2 instead cause there's no GST & service charge. :p

Tadah~ our Mango ice-cream without milk. $5.50.

Overall, I like it the only think I don't really like is the ball of ice-cream on top though.
Cause it's kinda sour.. oh yah I actually felt cold, but I still enjoyed the ice-cream! hee. brrr...

After ice-cream eating we went to play games at Zone-X.
Played shooting games as usual.
I'm very lucky lah, manage to finish the game with 3 credits. :p
First time I finish the game using lesser credits than Ber. hahas.

We aim to finish this game with lesser and lesser credits, maybe one day we become pro enough to finish the whole game with 1 credit each.
Hopefully before the machine got taken away because it's too old.. :p

After gaming we do our obligatory camewhor-ing outside Zone-X.

Here are some of the photos put in a collage. :)

This is one of my favourite photo of the night.
The floor is our camera holder while I set it on self-timer, in case you think I'm bullying some cute fluffy hamster or something.

I personally quite like these few.
And I actually look like I have slight dimples in some of these photos cause my cheeks are too chubby that's why there's this "dent" thing.

So it was like 9+ or something, and we go home loh.
and when I reach home, I had a scary surprise!
A letter from the school!
Got very affected by it cause we were supposed to get it end of the month or early next month.. I got scared because I thought getting my results early meant that I might need to take the supplementary paper or even worse, re-module..

Boy am I relieved when I saw my results.
I expected passes maybe some Cs for the effort I put in + all the drama happening at home during my exams.

Now I have to buck up, hopefully can get grades as good or even better than these for this term. :) Jia you!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Best Job in The World.

From over 34,000 applicants, the top 50 have been selected.
11 candidates will be invited to a job interview on the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef, including 1 wild card applicant with the highest number of votes.

Chicky really hopes more people will vote for Jimmy (the only Singaporean) in www.islandreefjob.com/.

To be selected as the top 50 out of 34 thousand people is already quite a feat.
I don't think I know him but like what he says he's SG's little fish.
I really hope that he'll get the chance to swim to Aus. and hopefully make our little red dot shine..
Left 8 days before the wild card voting closes, so please help him out will ya? :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Must go out then can put makeup meh?

Chicky decide to put make up for Friday's accounting lesson because it's Friday!
But her 2 classmates keep asking her if she's going out. bah.
No one go out with me lah. I put for fun cannot meh. :(

Did a bit of project discussion after class.
In less than 2 months have to complete 3 group projects and 1 assignment.
Start to feel the stress le. :'(

My fringe is very naughty.

I think I look fierce. Bah.

Crap. I realise I keep using "Bah".
Like some people uses "Doh". hahas.

Alright that's all for now cause I'm really lazy to edit photos. :D
I promise I'll updated soon. :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Singapore Entertainment Awards 2009

I must be the luckiest chicky on earth lah.
I didn't join any contest but my sister did and she won 4 $88 tickets. And she invited me! muahahaha!

I took like tons of photos even though my camera low batt ah.
Selected a few to collage and post here.
*click photo to see the full size. :)

When we first saw the mini short queue.

This is after a super early dinner. MADNESS!
But we were damn lucky and got in under 5mins? lol.

Oh yes, we saw lucky rainbow. :)

Overhead this girl behind asking her friend why they build a basketball court.
Sha Xiao Mei and I look at each other and try not to LOL. :p

Singapore Flyer in the pretty blur sky.. :)

Somehow just before the red carpet event, we got lucky again and had the chance to move a lot closer to the stage! :)

Okie, bad shot by yours truly.
As usual, just blame my shaky hands. :p

Monday, March 09, 2009

Nuffnang Poll : I have mean blog viewers.

I left a poll regarding my 21st Birthday "celebration" at the side of my blog for about a month.
Here are the results of the 3 questions...

First question, I asked how should I celebrate my 21st birthday.
30% of them ask me not to celebrate. lol.

Then I asked if they would celebrate with me..
38% says they will never go!
7% says depends on schedule &
23% depends on mood. lol.

The last question, I asked if they will wish me on my birthday..
69% said No!

So I guess in 2 months time, I shall not celebrate my 21st birthday.
Nobody wants me to be happy leh. :'(

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Homemade goodness. :)

Defector's mum made this and ask defector to bring it to me last Saturday.
Ok I know this post is like late lah. :p

Can you guess what's it?

tadah~ I don't know what it's called but it's nice. :)

She put a lot of "bai guo" which I like! :)

and I finish everything. :)

Bah. It's 2.52am and I'm feeling a bit hungry.
So I'm posting this food post to make you all hungry too. muahahaha..

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

16th Pack of Free Samples review (Skinfood!)

Sidenote, I just saw M.A.C's Hello Kitty's range online. So cute!!!
Now I'm wondering if I should go do the makeover. It's SGD80 leh.. but redeemable for their products.. So I'm kinda a bit tempted leh.. how? how?
Any sponsors? hahas. Or anyone already booked an appointment?

My previous pack of samples theme was "For Girls", this time it's "Skinfood!".
Skinfood samples always go out of stock damn fast, so must be quick to grab them ah..

In case you missed the previous free samples reviews:
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It's one of my favourite packs. I find skinfood's products packaging really pretty. :)
And yes I do think skinfood samples are "Must-grab" items as they are really good and always run out very fast ah! Don't say I didn't warn ya..

Title: Skinfood Honey Black Tea Jelly Foam
Rated: 4/5
Like: Easy to foam
Dislike: Smell
Main Review: I like this cleanser very very much!! When I see the word jelly I'm so scared that it'll turn out to be all gel-like and more oily then foamy which I prefer. End up I put a bit on my hand, rub and it's easy to foam up! It's not drying & my skin didn't feel oily at all! I love it! Only minus point is the smell. I'm not very used to it, but if it's going to keep my pimples away, I'll heck the smell. :) $27.60 is a little bit expensive for me, but I still might get it. :p
Will I Buy It: Yes

Title: Skinfood Lettuce And Cucumber Water Drop Essence
Rated: 3/5
Like: Smell
Dislike: A bit "oily"
Main Review: I love the smell. Texture not gel-like, not too creamy, not too water-y more like lotion-y. Easily absorbed but if put too much can be a tiny bit sticky for a while. I used it like a moisturiser, wonders if that's the correct way.. Overall good impression of this product, but the price is a bit steep and I don't really know what it actually does to my skin other than a bit of moisturising effect. :)
Will I Buy It: Maybe

Title: Skinfood Tomato Whitening Toner and Emulsion
Rated: 4/5
Like: Smell and not stingy.
Dislike: Emulsion a bit sticky.
Main Review: If you're the type who's really lazy to use toner or you can't find a good toner that doesn't have strong alcohol smell, this toner is for you!! I'm one very good example of lazy people lah. If a product is not something I like or enjoy using I'm very lazy to use it. :p I love the toner because of the smell and also it's not stingy at all. :) The Emulsion is a bit sticky though but it smells nice and it's not creamy. :) I used the emulsion as a moisturiser hopefully that's the correct way. The price is quite steep at $52 each, I think I might purchase the toner and not the emulsion.
Will I Buy It: Maybe

Title: GATSBY Oil Clear Sheet
Rated: 3/5
Like: Big piece
Dislike: Blue film. Don't ask me why I just didn't like it. :p
Main Review: I'm not a frequent user of blotters (which explains my shiny face in some of my photos). I got the blue one, it's rather big piece. I find it quite similar to the Clean and Clear one which I tried, back in my secondary school days. I remember I used another brand which is more translucent one. I prefer that one, but sadly I don't really remember the brand name now. :( For this, if it's not expensive I might get it since it's big piece and I don't have to use too many pieces if I do need to get rid of the oils..
Will I Buy It: Maybe

After trying, maybe you'll find a new product that you like so much.. You can put into your wishlist and then *hint-hint* your friends. :p
Or you can blog about the product, give it a 5 star rating and hint that you would like to receive it as present. :)