Monday, February 16, 2009

Super late Christmas Presents!!

Daddy Phua pass my sis this schedule book for Christmas.
My Sis just past it to me on Valentine's day! lol.

Kinda double date on Vday.
Not much photos but I'll post whatever I have in my phone as soon as I transfer them to my computer..

Christmas present for Hubby and Me from my dearest sister & her parner. :)
She kept forgetting to bring out whenever we meet. lol.

MC = Medical Certificate?
Hubby thinks it's too pretty to use. Consider to put as display in our home. :)

Which reminds me.
I didn't manage to take a photo of our Valentine's day/Friendship day present from my dearest Sha Xiao Mei. We eat too fast le. :p Before I realised it we've finished everything. -.-
Anyway it's some very expensive chocolate ah.. I feel so bad to buy something not very expensive for her leh..