Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random pics from my V9 (8 Jan 09 - 9 Feb 09)

Duck!! I didn't realise I haven been updating the photos I took with my phone since last month! lol.

All photos taken using my Motorola V9 phone and gently edited by me.
Please be nice. :)
Thank you.

On the school bus to Marina Barrage. (08-01-09)

Camwhore on way to Marina Barrage. (08-1-09)

Meow meows in my neighbourhood.

Picture 1 to Picture 4: What I wore to school, not including jeans days. :p
Picture 5: I don't remember? Going out with hubby I think.

Hubby and I on MRT. (11/01/09)
Hubby and I on Cab. (26/01/09)
Hubby and I on free shuttle Bus. (08/02/09)

Sha Jie Meis on MRT to Orchard after lunch and visiting our MaMa Yu at ITE Bishan. :)
I think I blinked. -.- (09-02-09)

Me on bus home after collecting my mirror and donuts. :)