Monday, February 02, 2009

Changi Airport reuses X'mas display for CNY

December 2008 I was at Changi Airport, this was the display:

January 2009 I was also at Changi Airport and this is the display:


Very obvious to cut cost yet look "updated" as it's remodel-ed to suit the occasion.

I like the idea as it supports the image of "Save the earth" which Changi Airport had portray themselves to be supportive of, eg. recycling bins at various part of the Airport. Now they can add reusing of displays that usually last a month or so only + reducing of waste as there are lesser things to throw as compared to making a brand new display, to their list of things done to protect the earth's natural resources.

Having real plants around as part of the display also re-emphasize the fact that Singapore is a Garden City. Did you know that Singapore Airport has as many as 6 different Gardens located in the Airport?

World's First Butterfly Garden is in Terminal 3, Transit Mall (Level 2)
Bamboo Garden in Terminal 1, Transit Mall (Level 2)
Cactus Garden in Terminal 1, Transit Mall (Level 3)
Fern Garden & Koi Pond in Terminal 2, Transit Mall (Level 2)
Orchid Garden & Koi Pond in Terminal 2, Transit Mall (Level 2)
Sunflower Garden in Terminal 2, Transit Mall (Level 3)

More info about these Gardens at the Changi Airport Website.

Wasn't planning to write this post, but was blogging on my recent but not so recent experience at Changi Airport and decide to write this post first. hee.