Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Bloggie!

Dear Bloggie,

Happy 4th Birthday!

Sorry that I seldom tell you that I love you..
Sorry for blogging as and when I like..
Sorry for ignoring you on days when I'm so busy with other stuffs like school or work.
Sorry that I sometimes use words that are not very pleasant.
Sorry for not being able to make nice skin for you.
Sorry for not being able to get a lot of readers/viewers for you.

Thank you for always being there for me the past 4 years.
Thank you for bringing me so many friends.
Thank you for being the understanding one, supporting everything I say.
Thank you for growing up with me.
Thank you for all the benefits you've given me.

Even though I have many other side blogs and private blogs, you will always be my one and only blog that I love most.

Happy Birthday Bloggie.


I got free stuffs again! Thanks to my blog viewers!

About 2 months ago I blogged about being the top 20 Referrals for fr3b in the month of November 2008. You can read my "Thank You speech" there. :p

Anyway, really thanks to those readers/viewers who joined Singapore 1st online sampling platform through my blog and Fr3b and also this month's sponsor, Lioele I've got more free stuffs today! :)

So here's my reward for being the top 20 referral for fr3b in the month of December 2008.

This time I cabbed down to Bugis just to collect my reward. :)

It comes in a pretty nice box.

Tadah~ It's a Hot Pink Princess Mirror.
I know the colour shown here is more red than pink, but it's really more pink than red irl (in real life).

Give a female blogger "anything" and she can camwhore with it.
Too little photos? Don't worry.. There are more photos of the mirror and me later. :)

Other than a mirror, I also got something special in the brown paper bag.. :)

Yummy donuts! I ate the chocolate one it's choco outside and choco inside! :)
Gave my brothers the pink one hahas. They didn't say it's nice or not...

Alright, back to more photos of the mirror..

I like the design on the back..

But I like the shiny border on the top of the mirror more!!

Makes me look damn chio lah! hee.

Mirror mirror on my hand, who's the cutest chick blogger of them all?

Wearing Lioele Beyond solution BB cream + some loose powder + a bit of blusher.
Photo taken around 11plus, so eyes a bit tired le.

Alright, last photo and that's it. :)


In case you're lost and don't know what I'm talking about, you can read more about this sampling platform and my first pack of free samples here.

Basically, it's a website from Singapore that allows locals to get samples for free.
They will send it to your doorstep/mailbox for a small delivery and handling fee which ranges from $0.80 to $ 4.08, depending on the weight of the samples you choose.

To date, I've redeem about 15-16 packs of free samples and have completed reviewing about 13 packs. I still have so many samples but so little time to try them! To read reviews of all the items I've sampled, you can click here.

If you like to try new stuffs without paying the full amount to get the retail size just to try, or feel paiseh to get free sample from counters, you should give this website a try. :)

If you're interested to join, feel free to click on this little banner.

PS: I know some people think that I make money from this, honestly, my only gain for introducing this website to you guys/girl is being in the top 20 referrals and receiving small tiny rewards in return. Oh yes, and of cause seeing my friends enjoying their samples from this free sampling platform. :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Chicky got free masks!

Last week I came home to a yellow envelope on my mini tiny table.
Didn't order anything lately and wonders who's the sender..

Open it hurriedly, and ta dah~

It's 1 Neutrogena mask and 1 SK-II Mask!

It's from a reader, C.
I send her the leftover sample of the Lotree BB cream to try and she sent me 2 masks! That's so sweet of her. :)

I haven't got the chance to review the masks.. Plus the many packs of samples waiting for me to review them, but now really no time ah!! A lot of assignments to rush out. After assignments is exams. I promise I'll update with a couple of reviews once I'm done with my assignments k..

Thanks babe!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

4.5 Anniversary.

It's our 4.5th Anniversary and we have to spend it rushing out our own assignments. How pathetic. :p

I like it when we wear matchy matchy clothes.. We look so cute!
Alright, maybe only in pet society.. :p

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sharp Pain in Chest

The sharp pains are back.
If I didn't remember wrongly, the last time I experienced it was like a few years back, now I'm experiencing it again. In fact I've had a couple of "attacks" in the past week.. On CNY eve and 1st day of CNY itself I had 2 "attacks".

It's this pain that normally last for a really short while like 10secs or so, but it's really sharp and it's terrifying. You don't dare to move or even breath in or out. And once the pain is gone, you'll feel that the area still have a bit of aching..

I was going to see the doctor but decide to check if I can find any info on this scary pain first.

Found a website and the information on it is quite close to what I'm experiencing.

"It causes you to catch your breath, and you try not to breathe in or breathe out too much because it’s extremely painful either way. You take short, staggered breaths and try not to move. Finally, you work up the courage to take a sharp inhale or exhale. You feel a sensation similar to a bubble bursting and the pain is gone."

Have you experienced this before?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

Defector and Uglyfatchick hereby wishes all friends/relatives/readers/viewers a safe, happy and healthy New Year! :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I screw up my hair! + my first eyelash extension.

Done hair rebonding on Monday and I look totally stupid now with super dry hair ends.
Remember long time ago I dyed my hair? The damage from all those colouring haven go away fully.. My hair is like hay now. argh.

Couldn't take a proper photo of me so I drew it on ms paint.
This is how I look like now. :(

So the whole brownish part is like super damage to the point that it's freaking pokey and I feel like chopping the whole thing off! but I can't cause my hair will look super short leh.. :(

I did my first eyelash extension on Tuesday and I don't find that I look very different leh. :(
In fact no one in my family knew I had eyelash extension until Thursday evening or something.
Plus point was the fact that I didn't need to curl my lashes..
Anyway I can't wear specs too often now cause the lashes will touch the lens, so I'm wearing contact lens most of the time now.

Taken in the past week.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Current addiction: Pet Society

Hubby and my pet pet kiss kiss.

Hubby and my pet pet smiling.

I've only started playing like a week ago or something and it's okay addictive. hahas.
I think our pets look so much cuter then us loh. :p

Festive season = depressive season?

I remember reading somewhere that many people gets depressive during festive season.
I am very sure I am one of those.

Then again I'm always moody moody de.
Not sure when I'll breakdown and cry again. (big cry, not the watching movie that kind of tearing lah).
Hopefully soon, I think I might need a release.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I can't bake but I love to help out

I want to help out more. :)

Honestly they can't be more kind to give me so many bottles? cans? box? of CNY goodies.
All I did was helped out a little and I got 3 plastic cans of food in return. Woo hoo.. :p

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Will blog soon.

I've not blog for almost 1 week, did you miss me already?
I guess not bah.

Anyway I'm busy with school work in case anyone's interested to know..

Manage to catch Red Cliff 2 on Saturday, so-so bah.
Anyone wonder why have I stopped writing food and movie reviews?
I also don't remember why, guess I'm too lazy. :P

Alright got to go bathe, brush teeth and do some work before I go sleep.
Gum pain again. :(

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

做贼心虚 means.. have a guilty conscience

I'll be away for a short while due to other commitments, will be back very soon, or update whenever I can breathe. :)
Some idioms/phrase for you to go think about while I'm gone.. :)

One should not have the heart to harm others, but must be vigilant so as not to be harmed.

In drawing a tiger, you show its skin, but not its bones; in knowing a man, you may know his face, but not his heart.

Like how you'll know if the horse power is great after travelling a long distance, you'll only know a person's heart after a long time. :)

I'm not saying this to anyone in particular, just another boliao post that not many would read..

Anyway quoting what my lecturer mentioned yesterday morning.. It's a dog eat dog world out there. hahas. Good thing I'm a chick, a cat, a human being not a dog leh. :p

Maybe I don't make any sense to you but at this moment, I'm happily dreaming of eating satay + ketupat + raw fish slice + BBQ beef.. yum yum.. Oops I guess I'm too hungry. :p

Monday, January 12, 2009

Some people can be very 过分 "too much".

Remember to vote for Rinaz of in the Best Asian Blog!
You can vote once every 24hours and voting is open until
13th January only!
So go vote now!!! :)

So back to the topic.
Today 2 person pissed me off.
These people doesn't care about other human being's feelings and only think of themselves.

1 have multipleS forum personalities to make himself look like a super good, nice and kind salesperson but is actually some hard-selling idiot who only know how to lie, over promise and bashes his own colleagueS in the forum. I pity the boss of the company. haiz..

The other.. is a "忘恩负义" person.
Nothing much to say. just hope the person can stop hurting my friend loh. :(
I found a video that has the meaning of the above chinese idiom..

Wow, now got video that teaches chinese!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Best Asia Blog Award - please vote..

Nah, not me lah.

It's Rinaz of!

If I'm not wrong Singapore has 2 people in the top 10 finalist.. Right?
Singaporeans must vote for Singaporeans mah!

Remember to vote here:
You can vote once every 24hours and voting is open until 13th January only!
So start voting now!!! :)

Can ask all your friends to vote also. :)

Yesterday's photos which one do you like best?

Here are 5 that I think it's not too bad, so which one do you like best?
and can you guess which one do I like best? :)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Makeup day is Camwhore day. :p


Cute? Mad? Hahas.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Becareful of unclear photos on blogshops!!!

Recently I bought about 5-6 items from a certain seller, and I am very unhappy with the seller's service. So unhappy that I must rant out, if not I'll never be able to rest! :P If you're unwilling to read long ranting post just scroll down to the bottom to look at the photos.

From the start, I went through her blogshop and decide that I want to purchase about 6 items from her blogshop, and so I emailed her. It was on a Wednesday.
Hi, I'm interested in getting a few items from your blogshop, payment thru internet banking and collection by registered post, can you give some discount?
1. XXX 10/10 $5
2. XXX 10/10 $5
3. XXX 9.5/10 $5
4. XXX Brand New $4
5. XXX Brand New $16
6. XXX Brand New $4.05

Her reply:
Hi Christina,
Thanks for dropping by Ittybittywhale!
If you're confirming all 6 items, total would have been $39.05 w/o postage. I'm willing to deal at $37 with registered postage. Is that okay with you?
Hope to hear from you soon!
Best regards,

I thought it's a pretty good deal and paid on the same day (Wednesday).
She replied saying that my items would be sent out latest by Friday.

On Friday she emailed me:
Hi Christina,
I'm sorry to inform you that the pink striped top is not in sale condition anymore as I just discovered a huge ink blotch on it last night.
As such, I have provided you with a monetary refund (transaction ref XXXXXXXXXX) of $8 and a credit of $4 on your next purchase on top of a free gift.
I deeply apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Even though the item was supposed to be $16, I decide to be a nice buyer and decide to let her off. Until.. I received the items on Monday and I didn't like what I see. The conditions of the items do not match the ratings she wrote on her webpage, the free gift was some really cheapo item. plus the clothes are mostly far too big for me so I end up giving them to my maid. But before I gave them to my maid I wrote an email to feedback.

My feedback:
Hi IBW, I would like to know why was I refunded only $8 when the pink top is
$16? I'm not interested in the free gift and felt kinda "cheated" in
this situation. And I would also like to feedback on some of your

The earrings which you stated it's BN are rusty/tarnished and I cannot
wear them anymore.
The skirt seems to be torn at the side, it looks very weird. I'm
not sure why the "torn" was not stated, but I thought 9.5/10 for a
skirt like that seems a little "off".

Do let me know what you think.

I must say if she wants to reply your mails, she'll reply really fast!
Her reply on the same day:
Hi Christina,
This is my reply to your email.
The earrings were bought from another seller and it was stated brand new by her. I did not even try the earrings on and so I didn't know that it has been tarnished in the interior. But before mailing out the item I did check that it was not rusty on the exterior. And the slit on the skirt is not a tear. It is meant to be part of the design.
It's a mistake on my part for only refunding you $8 as I thought the top is $12. I have refunded an additional $4. The excess $4 has been used to offset registered postage which cost about $5.

I hate seller who pushes blames to others and pretend that they have done/said nothing wrong. Anyway she didn't reply my last email.

I've attached a photo of the earrings. The exterior is also "rusty". I
don't think that is part of the design.

So after the whole chunks of words, here are the photos..

This is the photo and the below description is by her.

Hearts and Studs, $4.05
3 pairs of heart-shaped studs
Silver, red, white
Not sold separately

This is the photo I took and sent to her.

So moral of the story, please becareful of sellers who posts unclear photos on their blogshops!

It's not the money but the frustration of not getting the promised goods that makes me angry. I'm usually not a super fussy buyer as I know there are risks involved and also different people have different perception. For example something that might be conditioned as 8/10 by me could be 7/10 or 6/10 to person A, yet to person B it might be almost totally flawless at 9/10 or even 9.9/10.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I am 42kg but I still need to loose weight.

I'm suddenly hit by the fact that Chinese New Year is only 20 days from now.
Which also means 20 more days to seeing my relatives laugh at my fat face, fat arms and fat butt. :( Argh.. crap. I hate it when they say those nasty stuffs and expect you to still "smile-and-say-thank-you" kind of attitude.

Back on topic, 20 days and I've so much things to do!!!

4 Assignments to complete
4 Examination papers to study for
1 Room to clean
2kg(at least) waiting to be lost
Brothers' CNY clothes waiting to be bought

That's all I can think of now.

For the 4 assignments, I've planned to do a bit of one assignment each day and hopefully complete:
Marketing assignment by 20 Jan 09
IT assignment by 21 Jan 09
Economics assignment by 22 Jan 09
Management assignment by 23 Jan 09

For the 4 papers, I can only hope that I can complete the 4 assignments on time so that I have 2 weeks after CNY to study.

My room, I hope to clean up on weekends loh.
& my brothers' CNY clothes maybe this weekend loh.

The 3 kg in 20days is not very easy, but let's just hope I can do it alright? :p
I've 3 dumbbells (1kg, 2kg & 3kg) waiting for me to carry them.
I shall not drink any coke or 100 plus from now till Chinese New Year! *Quickly finishes my half can of coke. :p*

Can I do it?
Will I give up?
Do you think I can do it?

Random pics from my V9 (15 Dec 08 - 5 Jan 09)

I'm not feeling very well (headache again!!!) + lazy to edit photos or write any reviews or type super long blog entries.
These photos below are raw, so please be gentle k..

Christmas lighting near my house. (15/12/08)

Can see my lashes? (18/12/08)

On way out to meet Ber and Daddy Phua. (18/12/08)

Fei Lun Hai Concert Tix (19/12/08)

Us at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. (19/12/08)

Have my fix of fish fish at Harbour Front. (20/12/08)

Steam egg. (20/12/08)

Hubby. (20/12/08)

Fishball-head. (27/12/08)

Hubby snatch my blankie. :( (28/12/08)

New Year. (1/1/09)

Hubby carried my bag for me while waiting for me to go toilet I think..
Cute right? (3/1/09)

What I wore to school on Monday. (5/1/09)

My brothers playing maplestory again!! -.-'' (5/1/09)
Suddenly reminded that I have to bring them to go shopping for CNY clothes again soon! Sianz..

My mummy and I during commercial break. (5/1/09)

Saturday, January 03, 2009

I'm only 0.2%. :(

The past 1 month I only have this little readers/viewers.

I'm only 0.2% of a certain famous blogger.
0.2 percent hor. Not 0.2 of her but 0.2%!!!
Which means she's like 500 times better than me.
I guess there's totally no hope for me. :(

Friday, January 02, 2009

In case you miss me already. :p

All photos in this post taken using my Motorola Razr2 V9.
I'm still trying to get used to camera without flash. :(

My nails are yummy. :p

My Christmas luck. :)


Been meeting Hubby almost everyday since the day I fall really ill..
We've been eating so much good food that I secretly thinks that Hubby's trying to fatten me up to cook for CNY. :p

Mr and Mrs Chubby Cheeks.

Alright that's all for now.
New rule for 2009, school start earlier at 8.30am instead of 9am!!
Good luck to me! :p
5.5months more and I'm out of school, please let school life be more enjoyable. :p

Please let me study harder + slim down + grow prettier + grow taller + be happy + healthy.