Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Soft toys and orange juice.

Just updated my private blog.
Later going out so need to sleep soon.
Here's some photos to entertain you while I go get some beauty sleep. (:

Toys we caught on Xmas eve. Hubby 1 : Me 1

Toys we caught on Xmas. Me 2 : Hubby 1
I gave away one small pink tiger to a cute little girl because she look like she really wanted one.

Freshly squeezed orange juice. Foam, Fibre, Juice.

Flower. (:

Hubby looking stress.
I can imagine a thoughts bubble forming..
"Why does she need to snap photos of everything???" hahas.

For the above photo I was trying to take a further away shot of the orange juice, cause the "layering" didn't look too obvious with the lighting in the room. End up looking like I "偷拍" like that. -.-''

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas! Hohoho...

My Christmas Pressie to myself. :)

Totally in love with the DHC eyelash tonic and eye mask.
The eye lash tonic is like a clear mascara, easy to apply and can last quite long.. :) The eye mask feels like jelly? Doesn't drop off easily and can be worn to sleep.
In fact it's recommended on the packaging to use it through the night! :)

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Random camwhore photos- 17th Dec 2009.

Make up melted but I still love how those fake lashes make my eyes look really huge. :p

Love my pretty toes. :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I've been Mrs W for 2 days le.

Time pass so fast.
It's been 2 days since our ROM (Registry of Marriage) ceremony and I'm still quite hyped up.
Still feeling a little sweet, a little touched, a little anxious, a little proud, a little "in-love-all-over-again".. A mixture of feelings..

Thanks to those who took leave/off to be in the room with us.
Thanks to those gave their blessings and congratulate us.
Thanks for the wonderful weather, the people who loves us, the wonderful husband who takes care of so many things for me, the filling and delicious lunch, the last few family photos, the lovely and ever so caring in-laws, the best mummy, the rings fitting (means our fingers didn't grow fatter :p), the pretty flowers, the super pretty makeup and a very chio hairstyle by my professional makeup artist, the almost perfect dress which I bought off-rack at a sale without the need of any alteration, the super expensive but worth-it shawl, the sweet dream I had the night before, the custom-made accessories looking really special, the orders which came in bulk, the pretty shoes which make me realise I actually have leg muscles! (the next day when it starts to hurt)..

I know you don't care for the chunk of words on top and hopes to see photos. I promise to post some once I get the photos k.. Haven gotten any of the photos yet.. My sis even took a video for me. I'm really very touched cause that's very "zi dong" aka automatic of her.. Not everyone will remember to take video. I forgot to ask people to use my camera to take photos. so yeah.. no photos from my camera.

Alright, that's all for now.
Will update again soon.
Christmas is coming!!! :)

In case I don't get to say it in time..
Merry Christmas everyone! :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

After spending 1.5hrs & S$51

My nails look normal again!!

My ugly nails!


What I did:
Classic French Manicure & Pedicure

Time Taken:
About 1.5hours.

Service / Ambiance:
Not bad, manicurist is quite friendly.
Room is very cosy, those who loves strong massages for mani/pedi can try this place.

Total Cost:
$38 + $5 + $8 = S$51

Where I did it:
78A Telok Blangah St32 #01-06

PeiQi (97940414)

Monday, December 14, 2009

5 Types that makes shop owners really grouchy.

Time-wasters Type 1
What they like to say: Please-let-me-reserve, please please please...
After asking a few questions to show interest, they like to ask to reserve and when I insist that I don't do reserving, they say they will get back and beg to reserve. So when they didn't get back to me I had to go ask them if they are still interested. When I ask, they will always have a ready excuse and then have to cheek to ask me to sell to others first.. -.-

Time-wasters Type 2
What they like to say: Please-let-me-reserve, please please please... *disappeared*
Similar to type 1 time-wasters, except they like to go MIA.

Time-wasters Type 3
What they like to say: May I know this this this, and that that that and this and that... *disappeared*
First say they are interested in the item and then ask so many questions that you can almost write a book out of the answers and then they go MIA suddenly.

Time-wasters Type 4
What they like to say: May I know this this this, and that that that... And price cannot lower? Can lower ma? Really can't lower ah? *disappeared*
Very similar to Type 3 except, they like to push your price to the lowest that you can go. After you give them your best price, they go MIA.

Time-wasters Type 5
What they like to say: Can you help me order this? *disappeared*
They ask for a Out of Stock item, then they go MIA when it is time for payment or if they make you pay for them first they MIA when the goods reach. This is the most irritating out of the lot. Sometimes you help them out of goodwill, sometimes even not earning from them, they just decide to disappear, making you feel really frustrated.

These are the 5 types of people I "meet" at least 2-3 a week.
Yes, I get one of these almost every other day but I've never posted their details up to blacklist them because I want shopping to be a pleasant experience and not a stressful one. I really do not hope to meet another one of these. I'm sure most shop owners do not wish to meet them too.

I guess most of these people are really lonely people who doesn't have many friends to talk to, so they like to make their life more interesting by making fun of shop owners.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Major Broke!

I'm not flat yet. But going to be.
Didn't know all those stuffs for ROM can be so freaking expensive!
Hubby and I is broke from all the shopping. :(

Who says getting engaged is cheap. -.-
Talk is cheap. When you really go and shop for the things then you know how expensive it is sia!! Especially for people like us who wears Tshirts and shorts everyday de, whole cupboard don't have any formal clothes. Buy clothes already broke liao loh!

This month is very crucial for me.
I will know where I would be located at the next couple of years and what kind of job I should get. I wish I could have a say.. but when it comes to personal problems, there's nothing a 3rd party can say. Nothing. period. full stop. zero.

If anyone ever thinks that I should have tried to help "solve" it. Please ask yourself if you would like a 3rd party to involve in your relationship problems with another person. There's no one more suitable to handle your own relationship other than yourself, likewise it's better for them to handle their own problems and you to handle yours. Whatever decisions they make, I respect them and hope everyone else do too.

I'm worried about the kids, I know they are worried about them too. Maybe they don't show it. but I know they do. All these years, even though they don't say it out loud, through little things I know they do care. I hope the kids will understand and respect them.

Now all we can do is wait and wait.
I've planned for the worse and am hoping for the best.

Little Broke Chick.

The Dressup Store is having a major clearance sales.
Do visit and support me k? :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

7 Days.

In 7 days, I'll officially be Mrs W.
He'll be the Husband and no longer the boyfriend.
I'll be the Wife and no longer the girlfriend.

And when I fill in forms I'll circle Mrs and not Miss.
Tick Married instead of Single.
And the courtship ring is "upgraded" to the wedding ring.

In my LIFE "resume", I'll have a new title, added new responsibilities and duties.
I'll be his pillar, his support just as he has always been mine.

As we step into the next stage of life, I am thankful for all who have helped made us stronger, all who gave us blessings and those who endured our mushy lovely dopeyness whenever we're together...

Soon-to-be Mrs W.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Promotion Vouchers + I Need Money Sale!

Shopping for Christmas?
Here's a special E-voucher for all you lovely readers... :)

Vaild till end of December 2009 only!

Those who frequently visit my blogshop would realise that I'm currently in need of some cash..
Therefore I'm having a storewide 15% discount on all items from 1 December to 12 December 2009!

If you're shopping for presents on a budget, this is the best time to purchase from thedressupstore.blogspot.com! Everything is under $10! After 15% discount, all the items are going at really wallet friendly prices. :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy 64th Monthniversay!

5 years and 4 months. :)

Another Last day of Work.

Fun fact: I drank more coffee in this past 5 months as compared to the last 21 years. :p

After the "holidays", it's job searching again!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I don't know what to blog about.

I'm in this "I want to blog but don't know what to write" mood. Silly boy is falling asleep watching some Discovery Channel show about cars racing?

We have a Wedding dinner to attend in an hour's time and I've no mood to go out. I just want to sleep.... :(

Tomorrow we have some race in town and I've not trained for it. Hope I survive and finish it..

Oh and we finally manage to get a non-black dress!!! Quite happy about it cause both our mums are so super mad at us for choosing black for everything... Now I only hope my blogshop can start making money so I've money to do facial and mani/pedi... :p

Alright, I got to go dressup and blow dry my hair le.. Later someone wake up and realise I've not done anything yet.. He'll nag again... -.-

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My First Chinese Novel

Sha Mei says it's call Drama Novel..

Anyway, I manage to finish the book quite fast cause I watched like half the show already so didn't have too much problem understanding the character of the characters in the book.

Bought at Kinokuniya.

I think I'll still watch the show because I believe the drama is slightly different from the novel.. :)

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Nice lips day + Taiwan Drama craze..

Friday was nice lips day for me! (:

On lips: Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss PK122 + ZA Pure Shine Lips PK1

Waiting for my Geo lens to reach me.
It's been 7 weeks and it's still not here yet. Kinda sick of waiting le leh.. :(

On a Happier note, I am done with another Taiwan drama! 福气又安康. I started chiong-ing on Friday night, just finish watching the last episode!

Now there's 3 dramas currently showing in Taiwan that I've decided to follow watching every week. Autumn’s Concerto (下一站, 幸福), Momo Love (桃花小妹) and Hi My Sweetheart (海派甜心).

Autumn's Concerto, I decide to watch it after I caught the preview by accident and thinks the story is quite nice. Now loading the first episode and am going to watch it before I sleep tonight. :p

Momo Love, I've watched the first 3 episode. First 2 wasn't very very impressive but the 3rd one is damn funny, maybe cause got loads of scenes with Jiro. :) This show is also currently showing in Singapore Channel U, by the way.

Hi My Sweetheart, is a comedy and I really like comedies lah. so of cause I'll watch loh. :p

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

My skin need rest!

The past month, been testing out various skincare products + I fall sick recently.. so my face decides to protest by breaking out badly!!

The last time it was so bad was sometime in sec school I think.. It's so bad I was scrambling, looking for the those pimple gel thingys I used to use.. but alas.. I remember I just threw the one I've been using for years away (way past expiry) and the other is some sealing gel that I was testing and it wasn't really working for me.. So I went to look for any mask to calm my skin.. but all the mask is either for whitening or moisturising.. Super sads. Then my usual cleanser decide to finish at the same time!

Hubby not around to comfort me, I feel so sads loh.. So just randomly pick one mask to use. Luckily didn't make it worse.. phew... So the next day I immediately went to Watson to buy some treatment masks, some blemish clear pen? and facial wash.

Which is then I realise most of the mask product on display are all those for whitening lah, moisturising lah.. Took me very long to find one that is not too expensive and yet is suitable for my current condition de.. Not that whitening is not useful.. it's useful to lighten marks after the breakouts lessens and clears but while the skin is irritated, I don't advise anyone to use anything that is too strong on the skin.

Yeah, so the bad breakouts is one of the reasons why I've not been taking much zi lian photos..
The other reasons being that my contact lens haven been delayed for many weeks and also I've yet to get my brow treaded. :( Once my skin clears up and I get my contact lens, will quickly get my brows thread-ed.. then can camwhore away~~~ :p

The other day wanted to use pressed powder to cover and protect my terrible skin but my pressed powder became powder let me pour away liao, so I end up have to go buy one cheap one at Watsons. But I got use before de lah.. so should be alright.. :p

Now my skin needs lots of protection and rest. Wish my face clears before hubby come back ah.. if not later he see my face then don't want me liao how? :p
He read this sure will scold me de loh...

oh yah. I still coughing loh! but only after I drink cold drinks or I'm in air-con room!
Which is why I keep coughing in office. :(

Alright. I rant enough liao..
Mask also put long enough liao.. Shall go rest le..

Overdue Contest Post!!!

I totally forgot that I've a contest post to write!!!

About a month back, I received an email in my email box..


*paiseh, went to print screen the email.


I won an Acnes Creamy wash hamper! :)

Got a little busy and didn't have time to dropby until one Friday..
I had a no-pay leave so I dropped by Cityhall to get my hamper before I went to ShaMei's chalet..

My Hamper.. :) The bed is not my house bed hor.. It's the chalet bed... :D

In the hamper there is..
1 x DFC CD - which I gave away..
1 x Notebook - which is tuck at the pile of precious junks beside my bed.
& 1 x Acnes Creamy Wash

So, what do I think of Acnes Cream Wash?
It's a normal cleanser.

Yes, to me this is a normal cleanser. I'm not going to bullshit and say this is damn good. I believe everyone have different taste and likes, and have different skin conditions so I do not want to bluff people and say this is a very good product when to me it's just a normal cleanser.

(Out) Look: I'm not used to the outlook. Looks a bit complicated to me?
(In) Look: Normal creamy/foam cleanser look?
Smell: Average, not too strong. (A tinge of lime?)
Foam-ability: Easy to foam.
Clean-ability: Overall cleans well, doesn't leave any stingy or tight feeling.
Affordability: Not expensive. (Teenager OK)
Most sutiable for: Teenager! (My brothers are currently using)
Would I buy: Maybe. I actually bought for my brothers to use but they didn't really love it very very much so I guess I might not purchase it again)

Additional words: Personally, I prefer another cleanser so I don't think I will purchase this for myself to use. If you have yet to find your prefect cleanser, you can give this a try! Fr3b has free samples!

Now.. onto the contest.

I'm supposed to write a blog entry and then try to get people to vote for me so that I can win 1 year supply ACNES products (Top 3 highest vote).

So why should YOU vote for me?
Because 3 voters will stand to win a 1 year supply of ACNEs products too!!
Plus, anyone can vote! YOU don't even need to be a Fr3b member!
Though I don't know anyone who doesn't like free samples. :D

Wah, I took 1 hour to write this!
So.. remember to Vote for me!!

Click on the picture to vote for me! :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Still coughing.

My life-saver! I wouldn't be able to work without it!
I've been sick for the whole bloody week.

In super bad mood now.
Business been real bad with so many dead buyers.
Sourcing for free/cheap flea market to paddle my stuffs.. Any lobang?

Alright, short post today..
Will write a longer post when I'm not feeling so sick..

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Clearance

My mum complained that I brought in too many goods. She says I'll never be able to clear all of them, so I launched the End of year Clearance Sale!

Some items are at cost price, some are even lower than cost price! Determined to clear stocks, I've added new photos for some of the items and even re-categorise the clearance items...

Price Range: S$1.50 to S$7.00

Price Range: S$3.50 to S$10.00


Price Range: S$3.50 to S$5.00

Price Range: S$5.00 to S$8.50


Price Range: S$5.50 to S$10.00

Other Accessories

Price Range: S$1.10 to S$4.50

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wishlist for 2009's Christmas.

Christmas is in 2 months time and here's my wishlist. :p

1. Shoes for ROM.
2. Dress for ROM.
3. Pedi/Mani for ROM.
4. Makeup for ROM.
5. Extra Photographer for ROM (in case Daddy Phua couldn't make it)
6. Contact lens for ROM.
7. Hair styling + treatment for ROM.
8. Cash vouchers.
9. Cash.
10. Job start work in January.
11. New phone.

Have you done yours? :)

*Updated 22 Nov (fulfilled in red)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

flu again!

I am so weak lah.
Keep falling sick. :(

Have to be good citizen, sick liao have to stay home.. don't anyhow walk, don't because of work cannot finish and go to work.. Now I'm resting at home but I super worried that when I go back on Monday I might just die there. -.-

I hate falling sick cause I cannot get much things done when I'm sick. :(

Today + Tomorrow's damage:
Doctor + Medication: 33 dollars
Bought food from NTUC: 27++ dollars
No work = no pay x 2 days: 105 dollars

Super sianz..
I suspect it's because I go out to buy lunch yesterday, then I sweat a lot then suddenly in the super cold aircon room, so I caught a cold loh.. Yesterday late afternoon nose start to run until now. My nose not tired I very tired ah. :(

I miss hubby very much. :(

Monday, October 19, 2009

Blood Boil, Heart Hurts.

I have 3 younger brothers.
Yes, my blood brothers.

They like to fight over small things which I thought only girls do that. -.-
I don't understand why they like to fight so much.
Is it because they know whenever they fight they make me upset and they want me to be upset?

Every single time I talk to them and they ignore me, you know how hurt I am? My heart hurts like it's going to burst. I feel so hurt that I really want to disown them. But they are my brothers. My blood brothers whom I grow up taking care of, giving them the best that I can give.

Everytime I think that whatever I give is not enough, they have to prove to me that they are not worth my care. They act like I owe them my life. Why the heck do I have to care for these people who only care about themselves?

Work is not very smooth and I'm quite stressed out by it and whenever I come home to see them fight I just feel like breaking down. Like I can't breath and the only breather I can get is to just die.

Because when you love someone there is no way not to care. So obviously they don't love me at all so they don't care about me. In short, they don't give a shit about this useless sister who cannot give them one computer each so they don't fight every single day over the bloody computer and internet.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

GEOX Sale Event (16th - 18th Oct)

17th October & 18th October
10.30am - 5pm

Venue: 211 Henderson Road #08-03
Payment by cash, NETS and major credit cards only.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

injured finger.

It's just a minor minor cut but because I didn't "press away the blood" or something. now it's a little swollen. :( The plaster makes it hard for me to type properly.

Anyway, I've tons to blog about and have not much time to do so now ah.
Will be super busy at work due to a colleague going on long leave. He's throwing everything to me and I'm wondering why am I doing his job when the pay I'm getting is way lesser. -.- I hope they let me do OT cause I don't think I can complete my normal work load + his work.

It's time like this that I feel like leaving the company earlier.. but I cannot ah.. Need the pay to survive. :(

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Chicky's Translation of her current favourite song.

如果我变成回忆 - Current favourite song that will make me cry.

累了 照惯例努力清醒着 (Tired but still tried hard to stay awake.)
也照惯例想你了 (Still miss you like usual.)
好怕一放心睡了 心跳在梦中
不听话的就停止了 (Afraid that once I fall asleep, my heart decides to stop beating.)
听着 呼吸像浪潮摆动着 (Listen to the sound of my breathing.)
越美丽越让我忐忑 (The nicer it sounds the more perturb I will be..)
我还能珍惜什么 (What else can I call my treasure)
如果我连自己的脉搏 都难掌握 (If I can't even handle my own heartbeat.)

如果我变成回忆 退出了这场生命 (If I become a memory, I can no longer live.)
留下你错愕哭泣 (I've to leave you crying)
我冰冷身体 拥抱不了你 (My cold body can no longer hug you.)
想到我让深爱的你人海孤独旅行 (Everytime I know I'll let you, my love to roam the world alone.)
我会恨自己 如此狠心 (I will hate myself for being so "heartless".)
如果我变成回忆 终于没那么幸运 (If I become a memory, just so not lucky)
蹒跚牵着你 看晚霞落尽 (No longer have the chance to grow old, with white hair, and still holding on to you, enjoying our perfect ending.)

漫长时光总有一天你会伤心痊愈 (Time will heal everything and you'll no longer be sad.)
若有人可以让他陪你 我不怪你 (If there's someone else, you can let him accompany you, I'm alright with it.)

快乐 什么时候会结束呢 (Happiness, when will it end?)
哪一刻是最后一刻 (When is that last moment?)
想把你紧紧抱着 (I wish to hold you tight.)
可知你是我生命中的 最舍不得 (Do you know you're the one in my life that I don't bear to leave most?)

如果我变成回忆 退出了这场生命
我冰冷身体 拥抱不了你
我会恨自己 如此狠心
如果我变成回忆 终于没那么幸运
蹒跚牵着你 看晚霞落尽
若有人可以 让他陪你

如果我变成回忆 最怕我太不争气 (If I become a memory, so afraid that I'm really so weak/lousy)
顽固的赖在空气 霸占你心里每一寸空隙 (Even when I'm dead, the stubborn me will still take up every inch of your heart.)
原来依然爱我的你痛苦承受失去 (You, who love me most will be really sad when I leave)
这样不公平 请你尽力 把我忘记 (And that is not fair, so please try your best to forget me.)

I cried and used the whole packet of tissue while writting my own translation... :(

Friday, October 02, 2009


Henderson Industrial Park
211 Henderson Road #13-03,
Singapore 159552

OCT, 2
12.30pm - 5.00pm

OCT 3, 4
Timming TBC. (9-5)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Sha Sha de. (Silly..)

I'm not call 傻大姐 for nothing de k..
Look at the below sms conversation between me and my 傻妹~

Me: Wah lao.. I think I look very old le. On my way to work, walk pass a kid and he suddenly call me aunty very loudly somemore.. Super paiseh.. Lah..

Sis: Wah seh... Lols! So Mei li mao!

Me: Mei li mao = 美丽猫? (Beautiful cat?)

Sis: 没礼貌.. Lols!

Moral of the story?
Don't use Pin Yin to sms me. I can't understand!!! :p

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I know it's the EOY (End Of Year) Exam Period..

Advertorial: TheDressUpStore

Everyone is feeling oh so stress...
And anyone can do with a bit of retail therapy.

This week there are 2 new collections at thedressupstore! :)

Collection 15 : Ten Rings [Simple.Vintage.Blings]
Price starts from SGD3.00 to SGD5.50 only!

Personal favourite: Vintage Round Rings (C15-001 / C15-002 / C15-003)! Totally match vintage looking bags/clothes! Now you don't have to think of what to pair with that pretty flowery skirt you've bought. :)

Best value for money: Bling Rings! Especially the Bling Smiley Face Ring (C15-008 / C15-009)! Some blogshops are selling similar design at 3-5 times the price I'm selling at! Note that the design is slightly different from C4-005 & C4-006 (which is currently sold out at thedressupstore!)

Collection 14 : Mini Priced Necklaces
Price starts from SGD3.00 to SGD4.00 only!

Personal favourite: Mini Heart Necklaces (C14-001 / C14-002 / C14-003)! 3 different colours to choose from so it's easy to match any outfit. Best of all, if you change it everyday your friends might think that your necklace actually changes colour on it's own. :p

Best value for money: Mix & Match Necklace Set (C14-008). Where else can you get 1 Long + 1 Short necklace & a few mini pendants at only $4??? Some places a pendant already cost more than $4! Plus, there are so many ways you can wear this necklace. You can wear the short one, or long one, or even wear both necklaces together! :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

21 Sep 09 - Meet up with Daddy Phua & Sha Mei.

Lovely day it is, good food with great company.
Walked in the drizzle with my sister, we will not forget soon.
Fun we had, even it's a few hours..
Crazy we are, in a world of our own.

Thank you for the laughter and joy. :)

Monday, September 21, 2009

I exchanged brand new accessories for junks! -.-

Recently I did an exchange/swapping of items from my blogshop with another blogshop because she initiated it and since I wanted to clear some of my items I decide to exchange some items from her blogshop which she stated as Brand New.
Alas, when I received the items I got so shocked!

Read this post for more information.

I didn't know items with stains and holes and tag cut off are counted as brand new in packaging! -.-

Therefore, I shall not entertain any swaps till further notice. If you're interested in swaps, I'm really sorry, because of her, I am not going to entertain you. Blame her if you want but don't scold me for ignoring you hor. I hate disappointments lah!

A pissed off Chicky.

Super Long Weekend

Been buying lots of stuffs which hubby terms as "useless", okay some of them are quite useless lah. He still buys some of them for me anyway. He will make me pay for some of the things so that I will feel heart-pain after spending money and will stop buying things. hahas.

(He is actually sleeping behind me, after I type finish the first para he actually jump up from his sleep, look at me and fall back to sleep. -.-'')

I'm lazy to take photos..
So here are some of the things I bought in the past couple of days + the reason I bought them. :p

Magazine - SGD4.20 (Entertainment)
Plain flat shoes - 2 pairs for SGD25.00 (Replace current "work" shoes)
Pinkish Lipstick - SGD10.25 -after 30% discount + $2 off voucher (Got discount + can use voucher!)
Toothpaste - SGD7.75 (My house run out of toothpaste, maid forget to buy. -.-)
Random Teabags - SGD1.95 (To drink in my freezing cold office..)
Panadol Menstrual - SGD5.40 (For cramps lah!)
Mini Retractable lip brush - SGD6.00 (vanity lah can?)
4 packets of yanyans - SGD4.60 (For contest + to snack loh)
2 pairs of Contact lens - SGD32.00 (vanity. :p)
1 dress - swap with items from my blogshop (eh, to clear items from my blogshop faster? :p)

All these are just some of those that I can actually remember. :p

But I'm really very happy lah.
The thing that I'm most happy about is shopping for free samples! I manage to redeem a grand total of 13 samples this week since I was settling stuffs nearby..

Out of the 13 items, at least 5 items are retail sized okay! Woo hoo~
And the best part? I actually like most of them samples I've tried so far.. None of them disappoint me! When I get my pay next month I am considering getting some of those that I really liked! Super good mood now.

(Hubby jumped up, mumbled something and went back to sleep. He must be having really bad dreams.. -.-')

Watch 4 movies (rental DVD) this weekend. Super shiok!

A Night in the Museum 2
Pink Panther 2
Handsome Suit
Just My Luck

We missed all these 4 movies when they showed in the cinema.. So rent to watch loh.
Great Entertainment! :)

(Okie, confirm the hubby is hungry, I shall go changed and go pack supper!)

Friday, September 18, 2009

sometimes I feel so tired.

I just spent a week's lunch money just like that.

okie I confess. I ordered 2 pairs of contact lens.
Can somebody slap me now?

Couldn't take the 诱惑/引诱 of those chio chio de contact lens and gave in to the shopaholic-vainy me.

If you can't slap me, fund me then.
Buy something from my blogshop!

okie. that's so random.

I want to talk about my blogshop.
I'm actually starting to feel a little "tired out" by it.
The past 3.5 months I've pump in so much yet I'm not even close to getting back half.

I've no idea what is wrong with it that no one is buying from me. :(

Are my items priced too expensive?
Are there too little selections?
Or is it that my service is not good enough?

Can anyone please tell me?
I desperately need to know what went wrong. :(

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Three Months.

Mike just booked THE DATE.
3 months from now I will no longer be Miss Christina liao...

First step: buy the rings.
2nd step: find a good date & book the date!

Do not underestimate the booking portion! At 12am sharp the initial time slot we want got snapped up. In fact most of the slots got taken up already. -.-''
So many people getting married everyday loh!
Good thing Mike went in before 12 so he manage to book a time slot quite close to the initial time slot that we wanted. *Phew*

Suggestion to those who intend to get registered soon: check out the website and read up beforehand to understand the procedures first! :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jia you! Christina Jia you!

My pay for last month just came in.
Got to start paying bills and transferring money to my "savings" account le.
After putting some money away to save, I've just enough money to survive. hohoho.

I actually had thoughts of buying a few pairs of contact lens, a real gold necklace, maybe a pair of shoes and also a very big birthday present for my friend. Now the contact lens and gold necklace have to be postponed for another 2 months liao. Cause I'm sure my next payday will not allow any excess expenditure. The shoes would probably have to wait till next year for Chinese New Year.

Feels like a poor kid again.
For the future, Christina. For the future!
Jia you!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Super Sales + 2 New collections!


Recently updated The Dress Up Store with 2 new Collections, and put together a under $10 Super Sales post! Details of Super Sales at end of this post.

I really like these 2 new collections and I hope you'll like them too.

Collection 12 : Dresses for your Beautiful Hair
Price starts from SGD1.00 to SGD5.50 only!

Personal favourite: A tie between the Elastic Telephone Coil Hair Tie (C12-001) and the Big Black Bow / Ribbon Hair Clip (C12-006).
Kept one of the big bow hairclip and 2 coil hairties for my own use, the coil hairtie is better than those normal cloth/cotton material hairtie as it doesn't stink if it accidentally gets wet.

Best value for money: Mini Crown Hair Accessory (C12-002), because I checked out a quite famous accessories shop and they are selling at SGD8.90 and thedressupstore is selling at only SGD6.00 (including normal postage)!

Collection 13: Six Dollars Shades
All items at SGD6.00 only!

Personal favourite: Red Hearts Shape Shades (C13-003)
I have one and I love it so much that I'm considering buying another one so that if I ever spoilt it I will have a spare. :p

Best value for money: All.
You don't always see brand new shades selling at only SGD6.00 each right?? :)

Next, Super Sales Post.

Super Sales post consist of items from Collection 1-8.
Price starts from SGD1.60 to SGD10.00 only!

Personal favourite: Too many to mention.
Out of these 38 items I personally kept at least 10 of them for my own. :p

Best value for money: Not sure but White Star Ring (C4-010) is the most popular one. Before I brought in these babies, I bought my own ring from another blogshop for double the amount that I'm selling at. -.-

Discount up to SGD2.00 off per item!
I'm hoping to clear these, so expect more discounts if you purchase more. :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Are you attending CozyCot's Party?

I can't make up my mind if I should go to this party a not..

Anyway, Yesterday I got stomach flu. Work 2 hours, couldn't take the body aches + bloating + nausea, I went to see Doctor. Got 2 days MC cause doctor don't think I'll be well enough to work so fast. -.- And she's right! My tummy until now still pain. :'(

Sianz. Already 4 days not working this month + these 2 days of MC.. I feel damn broke even before I am actually broke. lol.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

4 days of no pay leave this month!

Technically it's just 2 days but because I'm just a temp staff (I don't get paid for public holidays) Which is how I end up with 4 "no pay leave" this month. -.-''

I foresee myself to be very very broke next month! :(

A couple of random photo taken recently.. @ ION

I have orange colour face and my hair looks red-ish because of the lights! lol.

Yes, that's hubby behind.. Looking funny.. lalala~ :p

Spending time with 2 person whom I love and love me back de.
Makes me very very very very happy.
I love you both so much, even though you both like to to make fun of me, laugh at me & make me cry!! -.-''

Sunday, September 06, 2009

I miss my favourite shopping haunt.

Before ebay Singapore and blogshops, there was somewhere I often visit to have my retail therapy fix.

Few of you might remember this site which was closed down some years back...
A huge number of blogshop owners might not even know this awesome place existed because they were probably too young then. hahas. (Makes me sound so old -.-)

It's so popular at the time because there were plenty of sellers and buyers on it. All the sellers post their items there and it's so easy to find the items you want. Just type what you want eg. "pink bag" and you'll see many different types of pink bags appear on the screen. If you just want to "window shop" you can click on any of the categories and you can slowly window shop and see many interesting stuffs. Best of all, if you're on a budget, you can easily compare price of all the items just by clicking on the "sort by price" button.

If I can describe it in simple terms, it's like having a place that gathers all the blogshop items and tells you which blogshop sells your favourite dress at the best price! And the most important feature then was the feedback/rating page. As buyer/seller we always leave feedback so that other customers will know if the seller is reputable anot.

I remember buying almost everything online.
Shoes, clothes, bags, presents and even contact lens and makeup!

Yes, my favourite shopping haunt it's Singapore Yahoo Auctions.

After it closed, I didn't really buy as many things online as it's not easy to find reputable shops that sells low priced items. Even when I buy things thru blogshops there's always this fear that you'll meet with some scammer or some teenage kid who sells 2nd hand items as first hand. -.-

Many auction sites spring open since Singapore Yahoo Auctions went down some years back but most of them couldn't make it as they are either not as easy to use or does not have many sellers/buyers.

Recently I found 2 auction sites that allows me to transfer my old ratings to their site and they work pretty much similar to yahoo auctions! I just signed up so I'll start transferring my blogshop items to both sites soon.

Both sites are slowly building their base, as more and more sellers and customers uses these site. It'll be easier to find things you want and also to sell things that you have.

I'm looking forward to the day where either one or both of the site becomes as busy as the old Singapore Yahoo Auction... (:

I spent 1 hour writting this post. :p

Thursday, September 03, 2009

I feel cheated!!! :(

(30 August 2009)
From Pinkish Brown...

In less than a week become..

(2 Sept 2009)
Yellowish Brown!! -.-

Wahlao. I'm upset with my hair now loh.. :(

Decide to get the bubble hair dye after thinking for 1-2 weeks..

Bought Sweet Pink.

KNN, the colour only last like 2 days? After that become yellowish brown liao.
Now most probably will be spraying my hair black for ROM liao. sianz. stupid hair.
I don't want yellow lah! argh..

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm looking for...

A good Lip palette or a not so expensive de lip stick.
Must consist of Deep Red (no coral red please!) and Pink, if you know of any good brands let me know okie? I'm dying to try a new shade for my lips. Been using really light coloured gloss for so long......

I dyed my hair pink but it looks more like dark dark brown to me. -.-
Will update it in the next post.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

10 reasons why I'll never be Singapore Idol. (lame)

Reason 10: I have stage fright.
When I'm on stage I frighten people!

Reason 9: I cannot sing.
I sound like screaming chicken.

Reason 8: I always forget lyrics or remember wrong lyrics.
Twinkle twinkle little ...?

Reason 7: I can't handle criticism.
They always mishandle me.

Reason 6: I have low self confidence.
My confidence level is even short than me!

Reason 5: I'll melt if I have to sing in the crowd on my own.
Puddle of perspiration.

Reason 4: I'm not friendly enough.
I scare children!

Reason 3: I don't have charm or X factor.
I have lots of fats though, you want some?

Reason 2: No one will vote for me.
They might have the first! only 5 sms votes and all 5 sms votes came from 1 number! yes, my number!

Reason 1: I'm too short!
The camera have problem capturing me. Imagine one row of 7 contestants.. They try to capture each contestant's face as the announce the results.. contestant 1-6 all show face of worry then contestant 7 disappeared? because close up at the same level is air. -.-

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy & Unhappy things..

Happy things first!
woo hoo~
I just went to collect a huge lot of items for the next collection.
Price starts as low as SGD1 for the next collection!!
Excited? I am!

Next, not so happy things.
I used to advertise free for a friend if you're a regular reader you should know who by now. Anyway, I realised she is making quite a bit of money out of me, so I decide not to get my goods through her anymore. Normal stuffs like cosmetics still can get through her but if I can, I'll not get through her le bah.

And guess what?? I found a better handler!
This handler is my new found best friend sia.. hahas

Anyway I was really really unhappy when I found the new handler, because the new handler gave me really good price which makes me realised what a fool I have been. -.-'

So hurray for lower cost!
Hurray for lower selling price!
Hurray for more shopping! :p

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

July 18, 2009 : I've got a diploma!

Yes, this post is super long overdue because I cannot find a "look-able" photo of myself. -.-

Results: 3A, 4B & 1D
- Hubby is so proud of me cause I didn't fail any module. :p

Anyway, I'm really happy I've got a diploma but what's next?
ACCA? Degree?

I can't make up my mind. :(

Time is ticking away and I still cannot make up my mind.
Sometimes really feel like slapping myself.
21 liao still don't know what I really really really want.

Aiya, I shall save up more first, next year then decide what to study bah.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Proposal.

Yes, it's the movie advertisement on the left.

Hubby and I caught it today (23 August) and I'm glad we did.
Lots of funny stuffs in there and Sandra Bullock is really pretty! :)

I cried as usual lah.
Oh.. and the guy in it is really hot! *drools* :p

Was shopping day because I needed to get fbt shorts. I lost my one and only one. :( That one the design really rare de loh. *sob sob*

I remember there was a time where I wore fbt for almost everything. lol. Go downstairs, go orchard. lol. Now only for home wear, go downstairs and sports event bah. Too old to be walking everywhere in fbt short. -.-

Anyway I bought 3 shorts though they are not the design that I like but it's better than no proper shorts to wear bah.. SGD34! Not very cheap but the next time I see it on sales I must remind myself to get a few to put at home!

So since I was out hubby decide to go check out new shoe designs and I decide to look for a pair of shoes to dance in. Almost search through the whole building liao and found this brown one from Asics.

Actual found a few more after that but still this one fits the best. Very comfy also.. but the price!!! lol. If this month I eat lesser maybe next month still can afford. Now really broke! and I need to save money to buy MS office also! The trial one is ending end of the month. :(

Photos taken from Asics's website.

I like the brown one more but then I don't have any clothes that matches it. :(

oh. and recently I found out that my readership drop somemore!
Super sianz.. am I that boring liao?
or I don't update enough isit? :(
Why you all don't like my blogs liao isit??? :'(

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm still alive!

Hi, I'm still alive!!

and I just bathed & smell like apple because I'm having one now. :)

I know I'm random..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When was the last time I posted neoprints?

I forgot how long ago... I feel OLD now. :(

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Trying my new love..

15 August 2009
I was so excited I knew I had to try it out that day..

The tools that I took out.

End up didn't use the tiny eyeshadow applicators cause I used the brush type and found it easier to control!

2 lip glosses, one for the colour, one for the brush.
I don't have a lip brush so I always use that lip gloss's brush as lip brush. :p
2 Mascaras, one normal one and the other clear one for extra curling effect. My lashes are really stubborn. :(

Contact lens given as free trial by my optician? It's ok lah, very very thin though..
I think I still prefer those with enlarging eyes effect de. :p

Always make sure that your face is clean before you start to put anything on!

This is the Always Nuddy BB cream I got as a sample to try, the sample size is quite generous so I put it in a little jar. :)

This pressed powder also sample.. I've been using it for very very long! :p
When I have a lot of savings then I will go buy the retail size one. :p

I used these 4 colours..

My 2nd favourite eyeliner. First is the one without glitter. :p

oh. I shaved my own brows which is why they still look messy. :(
Can't wait for treading session, who wants to go?

Okie.. that's it.

I'm tired liao.
Editing photos and blogging is hard work ok! :p

Feel free to
1. Ask me if you want to know where I get which product
2. Comment on my skill, what I should do and what I should not have done &
3. Sponsor me makeup products or contact lens! :p

Can't wait to try other colours soon! :)